Retail Units

For information on available shop units please contact:


Estelle Forrester

0141 248 7342

Promotional Space

We have a number of short-term promotional sites and long term retail sites around the centre. Each one is located in an area that attracts high numbers of shoppers. If you are interested please get in touch with Mall Solutions Europe for more information.

Mall Solutions

UK Sales & Leasing Enquiries

UKT +44 (0) 161 711 0008

Alternatively you can contact;

Lucy Hayhurst 0161 711 0504


Pete Hadfield 0161 711 0154


Poster Site Advertising

In partnership with Positive Media Marketing, we have big A1 Poster sites (2 foot by 3 foot frames) located in the main very busy entrance/exit areas that have lifts and toilets where thousands will view your message every day.

Our poster sites are both effective and affordable, because they are positioned in captive areas where people stand, wait and want something to read or look at.

Simon Grant

Free Phone 0800 915 4444

Charity Events

If you are a local charity or organisation and would like information on space for fundraising and events please contact the centre for more information and availability.

Toni Thomson
01224 580076

Admedia Washroom Advertising


We have various A3 Posters available through AdMedia.

020 7580 3633