Thanks for the Support

We would like to thank you Aberdeen for supporting Shot ‘N’ Roll and in turn for supporting the Trinity Centre. There are a lot of changes happening in the centre at the moment (we never stop♥️) and to see so many of you popping in to support this class new local business has been lovely, but it’s also been great to see such a buzz in the centre.

The thing is, you don’t just support Shot ‘N’ Roll or the centre, you’re supporting all of the other locals who work in the centre and tackle those stairs nearly everyday???????????? (couldn’t resist). We’re all very grateful and are sure this is only the start of a very bright future ahead for the centre, Union Street and the city centre.

So here’s to all the newbies, the dab hands, the positive people and most of all… you locals for sharing, supporting, visiting and proppin’ up the city.

This is me over cinnamon buns, ye better hope we don’t win any awards anytime soon????????.