This is our city

This is our city ????

After sneaking down to the gardens for a look at the big Aberdeen letters in their new home????, I had to join a queue of both tourists and locals who had come down to photograph the letters???? and be photographed with the letters???? (literally putting our city on the map????). Many of them took a seat around the gardens with a coffee to just enjoy the autumnal scenery and some (definitely tourists???? or perhaps extremely patriotic locals????) went on to photograph the William Wallace Statue and His Majesty’s Theatre????????????????????????????.

All of this made me feel so proud of Aberdeen. The local people who work tirelessly to make our city what it has always had the potential to be, and the new local businesses who are popping up almost daily. We are in a redevelopment stage of our city and all of this collaboration and positivity is what will make Aberdeen.

We see so much positivity here behind the Aberscenes, which I think we could all do with shouting about just a wee bit more????. So, to some it’s just big letters in a new place, but to me and to many of us, this is just a sign of what’s to come. Hope you all have a grand weekend when it comes????!